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Project Description
Eventual Project Goals:

Web based system for managing brew recipes, inventory, and brew-day tasks. Eventual mobile/desktop applications, cloud sync, and hw.

Overall Goal

iBrewIt's goal is to provide home-brewers with a zero software cost means of managing recipes, inventory, and tracking tasks during the brewing process from brew-day to consumption.


Over the past year our brew house has been managed by a GHI Electronics Cobra running .NETMF which is similar to the GHI Fez Panda II and very similar to most NetDuinos currently on the market.

The iBrewIt suite will first publish the un-refactored brew-day code running on the Cobra along with the wiring diagram used to connect it to the electronics and the brewing hardware.

Once that's complete the focus will be to abstract the functional code from the hardware in order to make it cross-package compatible.


In parallel with the development of the iBrewIt.Hardware package we plan on developing a web based system that will not only seamlessly integrate with the hardware for real-time monitoring and data logging but also strive to incorporate a modern fully functional ingredient inventory, recipe design, and competition tracking system.

Why Are We Doing This?

10 Years ago brewing was a mystery to most of us, even those of us who brewed on a regular basis. Most of our knowledge was derived from either reading books, experimenting, or brewing with friends who had more experience.

As the homebrewing ecosystem blossomed so too did our understanding of the actual formulas involved in determining color, efficiency, bitterness, etc.

Unfortunately most of the homebrewing software on the market didn't change with the times. Sure they attempt to add features like cloud based storage, brew day tasks -- heck there's even one that runs (sometimes) on my iPad.

But not one software package does it well, does it cleanly, does it using modern development tools, or does it for free. iBrewIt's challenge is to bring you the level of hardware control, data logging/monitoring, and recipe design that the big boys use with only the cost of the hardware to actually do it.... oh -- and get your GEEK on while doing it!

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